About Us

The purpose of the Finland China Culture and Education Association is to improve the relations between Finland and the Peoples Republic of China in the areas of culture and education, and to advance possibilities for culture and education exchange and collaboration between both of the countries.

To implement this purporse, the association arranges meetings, presentations, exhibitions, and other public events, and arranges visits between the countries.

To support the said activities, the association may arrange sales, lotteries, shows, or other permitted events to finance the operations. The association will also apply for grants from different instances, and may accept donations from private citizens, corporations, and other instances. The association may collect a membership fee.

The association does not take part in political activities, and it is a non-profit organization.

We're Looking for partners

Are you interested in supporting the collaboration between Finland and China in the areas of culture and education. We are looking for support members and collaboration partners.